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The "other" mpg123

Many people might encounter another program under the name mpg123 on their system, which behaves similary, but not exactly the same. Or people might just be curious about mpg321 being a typing error: No, it is not (mpg132 is the usual typo;-). Back when mpg123 was under a somewhat non-Free license, mpg321 has been created as a replacement under GPL license, providing most of mpg123's external behaviour, for users and frontends.

The project went dormant about the same time mpg123 did, but also, like mpg123, it has been revived years later. Of course I'd rather see people use mpg123, but hey, what's life without competition? ;-) So, if you are so inclined, check it out at the mpg321 website.

Misc. patches for mpg123

Misc. programs and modules based on mpg123

If you have something to add to this list, please contact the mpg123 maintainer to add it!

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